About Us

Henderson Irrigation is a Lawn and Landscape irrigation install and servicing company. We specialize in new builder installs and service, as well as residential additions, revamps, installs and service. We also offer commercial property irrigation maintenance and service.

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Henderson Irrigation was founded in 2007 by Russ Henderson. Russ has had experience in commercial and residential construction since 1998. In 2007 he decided to specialize in one field so he may provide exceptional quality service and grow a business dedicated to meeting needs of homeowners, builders and commercial properties alike.

Russ was also a Firefighter for a local fire department where he dedicated himself to the community’s health and well being by protecting lives and property.

Russ is a big believer in family and safety. We show that by taking pride in you, your property and most importantly, YOUR FAMILY. We want you to feel safe and comfortable when Russ, or one of our techs are at your property.

Henderson Irrigation Lutz

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