Irrigation Repair for Pasco, Polk, Hernando, and Hillsborough County

Irrigation Repair for Pasco, Polk, Hernando and Hillsborough County has been a specialty of Henderson Irrigation for over five years.  Whether it’s a simple broken pipe or an Irrigation disaster, we can help.  Our Irrigation Repair experts can many times diagnose your problem right over the phone and rush a qualified team over within minutes.
Irrigation Repair for Wesley Chapel



Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Henderson Irrigation offers full irrigation service. We provide service to Home-builders, Homeowners as well as other irrigation companies as a sub-contractor.

A Few of  Our Services:

    • Residential Irrigation Installation and Service
    • Commercial Irrigation Installation and Service
    • System Maintenance
    • Reclaim Water Hook-up
    • Cable/Wire Location
    • Pool Revamps (Reconnection after Pool install)
    • Patios Revamps (Reconnection after Patio install)

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  • Additional Zones & Backyard Coverage
  • Moisture Sensor Installation
  • Rain Sensors
  • Sprinkler, Irrigation & System Repair
  • Heads, Valves and Timer Upgrade/Updates
  • Valve, Manifold Location
  • Drip and Low Emittance Irrigation


Irrigation Repair – Residential

Residential Irrigation Repair  can be a simple broken sprinkler head you may have run over with your car exiting your driveway to the complete replacement of your entire sprinkler system.  Whatever the scope of the problem give us a call and we can guide you through the repair process sometimes before we even get onsite.


Irrigation Repair – Commercial

We have worked with a large spectrum of businesses and understand the different challenges this can bring.  Whether you are a tenant renting an office building or an owner.  We understand Irrigation Repair at work requires working within tight schedules.  We also understand the need for professional quotes.  Henderson Irrigation has worked with Commercial businesses in the Irrigation field since its inception and can easily put you with a trained Commercial Irrigation expert.